1 Jar of Beechwood Honey + 1 Jar of Wild Thyme Honey + 1 Box of Yellow Buds Organic & Fairtrade Chinese Tea + 1 Wooden Honey Dipper

Honey & Tea Pairing - Gift Set 3

  • in a cardboard gift box we have combined 2 jars of honey, 1 Beechwood and 1 Wild Thyme, with Yellow Buds tea, a wooden honey dipper and introduction cards.

    The Honey: Beechwood Honeydew Honey is a connoisseur’s honey, resembling golden syrup.  It has floral and rose flavours with earthy undertones and hints of vanilla and malt.    It has been shown to have one of the highest levels of antioxidants of all NZ honey, as well as oligosaccharides which are helpful maintaining beneficial bacteria in the gut. (probiotic bacteria )

    The Honey: Wild Thyme honey is strong, aromatic and pungently herbal and is often referred to as the Gorgonzola of honey. As well as tasting delicious, Wild Thyme honey has one of the highest antioxidant ratings for any honey in the world, (3 to 4 times higher than other honeys) and is also very high in antibacterial activity. Extremely rare, our Wild Thyme honey is the only certified organic thyme honey produced in New Zealand, and quite possibly the world!

    The Tea : Yellow Buds : In yellow tea processing, early spring buds or a mao feng pluck ( a bud and two-leaves ) are removed from the heat after the initial firing and covered with a cloth ( 'smothered' ) to allow the warm leaf to re-absorb some of the aromatics. This unique process is known as 'men huan' and gives yellow tea a delightfully smooth, rich, buttery mouth-feel. Today, because of the complexity of yellow tea manufacture, very few yellow teas are still being made. The plucking season is early spring ( pre-Qing Ming to Yu Qian ) when the buds and leaves are small and tender. Our Yellow buds are made from wild tea trees from Yunnan, which makes them sweeter with a thicker body.

    Nett weight : Honey : 160 gr per jar

    Nett weight : Tea : 30 gr

    Size of box : 180 x 80 x 250 mm