2 Jars of Manuka Honey + 1 Box of White Peony Organic Tea + 1 Wooden Honey Dipper

Honey & Tea Pairing - Gift Set 1

  • In a cardboard gift box we have combined 2 jars of Manuka honey with White Peony tea, a wooden honey dipper and introduction cards.

    The Honey : Manuka : NZ artisan Manuka is a rich nourishing, complex intense and chewy honey with rich toffee and caramel flavours, Dark amber in colour with coconut and woody, nutty tones. This honey has a slightly bitter lingering finish and a very smooth pleasant texture.

    The Tea : White Peony : Our organic White Peony is a classic white tea from Fujian; it undergoes a gentle processing method, made of one bud and two leaves. It is low in caffeine but anti-oxidant rich. The taste is mellow and fresh with a sweet floral aroma.

    Nett weight : Honey : 160 gr per jar

    Nett weight : Tea : 20 gr

    Size of box : 180 x 80 x 250 mm