2 Jars of Kamahi Honey + 1 Box of Ancient Puer Organic & Fairtrade Tea + 1 Wooden Honey Dipper

Honey & Tea Pairing - Gift Set 2

  • In a cardboard gift box we have combined 2 jars of Kamahi honey with Puer tea, a wooden honey dipper and introduction cards.

    The Honey: Kamahi, a NZ Native honey, harvested from the coastal rainforests located along the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, is pale and buttery golden in colour and has a smooth creamy texture and a distinctive lanolin aroma. It is a honey of outstanding quality and revered by chefs for its unique flavour profile.

    The Tea : Ancient Puer :This Pu-erh tea originates in remote mountain villages where China's Yunnan Province meets Southeast Asia. Here, the beyond-organic environment nurtures heirloom tea cultivars as it has for generations: without human or industrial inputs. Sun-dried green tea known as saiqing maocha is produced in this ancient tea appellation, and sought after for its strong energy and geographically unique flavor. Artisans transform saiqing maocha into Pu-erh using a traditional leaf piling fermentation process that creates the ripened and deeply rich profile of Pu-erh tea over the course of 85-120 days.  Additional Info: Pu-erh tea has an ancient past originating in Yunnan, China millennia ago. This rare, rich tasting tea is treasured as a healthful, energizing tonic. Its deep, smooth flavor is created through an artisanal pile fermentation process that transforms sun-dried green tea into ripened, full-bodied Pu-erh tea.

    Nett weight :  Honey : 160 gr per jar

    Nettt weight : Tea : 65 gr

    Size of box : 180 x 80 x 250 mm