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Spanish Artisanal Cold Cuts


The highest quality hams come from the Iberian blood line, which are descendents of the wild boar. They are produced in the southwestern region of Spain, where they are free to roam the abundant mountain forests, known as ¨dehesas¨ in Spanish. They live off of the acorns (bellota) provided by the cork-oak trees

The Ibérico hog is big, with slender legs and a very long snout. Ibérico pigs are black, with very little hair. They are also much fatter animals with veins of fat running through the muscle of the pig. This, along with the large amount of fat layering each ham, allows the Ibérico hams to be cured much longer, resulting in a much more complex, intense flavor, with a note of sweetness that is unparalleled.

The Iberian pigs are raised through "dehesa" system - reared in free range and fed on acorns, the ham is formed in its unique texture with balanced aroma and intense flavour.  

Consorcio de Jabugo launched a new trade mark of Capa Negra with two product lines in 2010. Martin Berasategui, a 3-Star Michelin Chef with high recognition and appreciation in Europe, was invited to select a favourable Jamon brand and endorse the product line which to be shown in the Spanish Food Exhibition - Allmentaria in Barcelona. The prestigious chef chose the trademark of Capa Negra and endorsed its highest quality with his signature on the product.

The Iberian ham products of CAPA NEGRA by Consorcio de Jabugo, with its balanced aroma and taste, perfect texture, high fat quality, was ranked the best Iberian Bellota Jamon in Spain in September 2011 !


Many centuries ago, the rulers of western Spain decreed that each town and village should maintain pastures studded with oak trees, called the dehesa, for the long term stability of the region. This forest/pasture continues to serve many purposes. The holm and cork oaks provided firewood for the people, shade for the plants and livestock, cork products, and acorns (bellota) during fall and winter. Ibérico pigs love acorns. Each pig can eat ten kilos of acorns a day.

With the Bellota hams, the most miraculous transformation is of the fats. Through this period of heating and cooling, salting and drying, the fats are broken down. Because of the antioxidants in the acorns and the unique curing process, the saturated fats are changed into healthy mono-unsaturated fats high in oleic acid.



Cebo ham stems from Iberian pigs, which have been fed on leguminous feed (wheat, barley) during its entire feeding cycle. This ham is brought to market in the 2nd year after slaughter, which means it has been cured for 24 months.