Savouries and sweets for the Gourmet in all of us !!


New Zealand Artisan Honey J. Friends Honey works hand in hand with a passionate group of New Zealand Beekeepers souring honey from New Zealand's diverse landscape.


Raw and Unpasteurised J.Friend Honey is Raw, it is never overheated, blended, or micro filtered, capturing the natural goodness of pure New Zealand Honey.


Single Origin and Single Vintage Each jar of J. Friend Honey is from a single beekeeper, in a single region, from a single year. Each batch of Honey is therefore unique with it's unique flavour

reflecting the terroir and region it was created.


Traceability Each one of our honey jars can be traced back to it's source, vintage, region, and beekeeper via the QR code and the Jeremy Friend website.


Click on the Honey Jar for more information regarding each Honey, it's taste, and source.

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